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In behind the walls, these crevices of mine
Ever after searching in a wasteland of a mind
Turning to the gods and turning to the grind
Ever after turning, turning, in time.
Armies in the air, the sweet scent of repentance
Thievery to care, the will to end a sentence
Turn into the one, the one that knows he meant it
Turning ever after to the good sound of resentment
I've seen it all before, the parasites surround
Found it on the floor in the blindness of a crowd.
Nature may continue, the instinct may allow,
But nature will kill you when it fails to stand its ground.
...I don't think I heard it!
Always time for you to start your shift as when you learned it
You know it's not my fault, you know I don't deserve it;
But such is the fate of an existential servant.
And there's nothing in the way, nothing in the way...
So I guess I'm here today, guess I'm here to stay.
What is a famous man fighting for a real life?
Why is this talisman feeling so surreal, like
Birds in a n
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All I Understand by ConsensusUniform All I Understand :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 2 3 [wallpaper] polish by ConsensusUniform [wallpaper] polish :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 2 0
alphabetic #2: afraid
all because coincidence
deeper each fear
goes headlong into jealousy.
kills left, maims none,
Operation Peace.
reaching sinister treason,
validating witless xenophobia;
Yawning zeal.
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Alphabetic #1: King's End
A blizzard came down
Entering five gilded halls
Into joyous knee.
Learns my nihilistic ode:
Pleasure quits respite,
Selfishness to unify.
"Virtuous" withheld:
Xenial yperite zephyrs.
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concealed in the language of dreams by ConsensusUniform concealed in the language of dreams :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 2 0 Tryieng so hard by ConsensusUniform Tryieng so hard :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 1 0 better by ConsensusUniform better :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 1 0 Crossing by ConsensusUniform Crossing :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 2 0
Know Then
The strength of one is not
shown in the numbers
wherein every soul lies.
Confused, unable,
we'll fight for the dying side.
Forget your glory days
lost in the winds of evanescent time
and look from the eyes
of hellfire behind
and you'll know how they'll take you
if ever we don't try.
You'll know then.
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[wallpaper] Insufficient by ConsensusUniform [wallpaper] Insufficient :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 1 0 [wallpaper] Caress by ConsensusUniform [wallpaper] Caress :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 3 2 [wallpaper] Project 9 by ConsensusUniform [wallpaper] Project 9 :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 1 0 Scan and Enhancement Study by ConsensusUniform Scan and Enhancement Study :iconconsensusuniform:ConsensusUniform 6 0
The beauty in poetry is brevity.
Now, doesn't that say a lot?
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Excerpt 2
    Fear struck the boy. Like some rat let out in a dark cave, he felt the pattering feet pervade his consciousness. At first, they seemed entirely harmless, in a childish manner. Of course he had not discarded their malevolent possibilities, and in a sense they still looked evil. But what he did not like was his own sudden immobility. The girl had gotten up after slipping her weapon into a small leather hold. The larger boy headed up to the stage, conceivably intent on destroying something. He could not begin to know what was behind him. Now that they, the ones with the solid understanding, were loose, he had some competition, perhaps. They were automatically better than him. The boy now found it hard to tuck away his earlier idea, and his legs ached for motion. 
    In an expected contrast of reality, where before the boy had absolutely nothing to think about, now, thinking appeared to be his only option. It was a frail
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$5 is hardly anything for a commission, heres why
Edit: Okay, wow--If I knew this journal would get the attention that it's getting I would have tried to make it sound a bit more professional and a bit less ranty im almost a little embarrassed
I'm also really glad that so many of you could share your input and experiences. It's really important that we understand this--especially on a site with so many young, impressionable artists. It's easy for us to think that our time is only worth the end product. When i first joined this site (i was 13), the first type of commission that I took was a full picture for only 5 points. Granted--it didn't look the best. i was only 13 after all, but at the time I didn't even know the value of points. When i was about 14-15 I started looking to get more serious about my art. I wanted to make actual money off of it, so I started considering prices and i never charged anything more than $20. I was still really torn because a few people were still telling me that I was underchar
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I enjoy drawing, audio production, and messing with video, but my main focus is on writing, whether it's poetry, lyrics, or music. I do not produce mature content, and I never will.
I am also very slow when it comes to content creation. Don't expect me to be prolific, and in return I will not expect you to know I exist. My main focus is on experimentation, hence my love for abstract art, as well as meaningful music and lyrics. If what I have up on here now doesn't seem to fit this description of what I do, know that there are many things I haven't uploaded. The end.
Wishful sh*tposter, Bass Madrigal, C418 follower.
Software I use:
• Paint.NET, Krita - Digital Art (PC)
• Infinite Painter, Sketchbook - Digital Art (Android)
• HitFilm Express 44 - Film / Animation
• Ableton, Audacity, Caustic 3 - Music / Audio
Take a gander at my new secondary profile for some of my scraps, ideas, and wips (lol like that's even a thng I do):


My audio setup is complete, for the ????th time this year. Now I'm going to take over the world.

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